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You will need
  • – icing sugar – 100g;
  • – fresh raspberries – 300g;
  • – yogurt – 400ml;
  • – 1 egg.

Half the raspberries fold into the mixer, along with a teaspoon of icing sugar.


Mix the remaining icing sugar with the egg on a hot water bath. Remove from the heat, cool a little and combine with the yogurt. Whisk thoroughly with a mixer.


Mix half the resulting mass with raspberry puree and spread over cups. Put in the fridge for half an hour.


Skip through the sieve remaining berries.
Remove cups from the freezer and put the resulting purees on a mass of yogurt. Send it all again for 15 minutes to the freezer.


Yogurt cream cover the berry puree on top.
In each portion, put on a stick of ice cream and send to the freezer already for full stiffening.

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