Harms and Benefits of Garlic

Benefit of garlic

The composition of garlic includes the following elements:
– fiber;
– proteins; –
– ascorbic acid –
– macronutrients;
– vitamins
– phytoncides
– sulfur compounds
– essential oil.

Garlic has a positive effect in the treatment of colon diseases. Garlic juice reduces fermentation and rotting processes in the intestine. Therefore, it is recommended to use as an additive to meat and fish dishes.

Drinking garlic helps regulate blood cholesterol and stimulates bloodshed, as well as reducing elevated blood pressure. Use garlic to treat arthritis, gout, rheumatism.

Due to the garlic content of a small amount of toxic substances, eating it should be limited to 3-4 cloves per day.

The content of phytoncides in garlic gives it powerful bactericidal properties. Fractions that stand out from rattled garlic cloves destroy yeast mushrooms. In the same way they affect various microorganisms, inferior fungi, staphylococci, streptococci, pathogens of dysentery.

Garlic-based medicines help improve digestion, promote better digestion and boost appetite. The infusion of garlic is used as an anticlay agent. Garlic stimulates the formation of bile and digestive enzymes. Drugs with the content of garlic extract are used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis and cholecystitis as a biliary and laxative agent.

Do not eat raw garlic to lactating women, as it can give breast milk a specific taste and smell.

Allicin contained in garlic is an excellent remedy for colds. Another unique property of this substance is the ability to prevent the formation of malignant tumors. Therefore, constant consumption of garlic is effective anti-cancer prevention.

For the treatment and prevention of viral infections, garlic needs to be eaten raw, as during heat treatment it loses its antiviral properties.

Harm of garlic

Despite the mass of virtues, garlic has some contraindications. Do not eat raw garlic with gastritis, acute pancreatitis, stomach ulcer and duodenum, as well as in some kidney diseases.

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