Harm of fried food

The main causes of harmful effects of roast

 primarily most studies that are conducted to investigate the effects of fried foods on the human body, consider people who initially have problems with excess weight, with eating behavior. Typically, examples of “fast food” consumption, different food in restaurants and so on are sorted out in such cases.

That is, it is food cooked by far from the best way possible. And the people who consume these foodstuffs tend not to care too much about their health. They have increased mortality in the background of obesity, problems with the cardiovascular system.

It follows that they consume high-calorie foods with not the highest quality heat treatment. And the high calorie content of fried food appears due to absorbing the object of cooking a large amount of poured oil. In cafes “catering” often you can find a non-halaber-free attitude to cooking: the oil used very rarely changes, and cooking takes place on the same fat, which is subsequently converted into trans-fat.

Also when frying it is necessary to increase the cooking temperature. If a conditional piece of meat will undergo heat treatment in hot water, then there will be a uniform increase in temperature in it and the center of this piece will reach the final point of cooking quite fast. In the case of frying, one half of this meat will interact with air, and the other will be heated.

And to reach the final stage of cooking, you will have to significantly increase the temperature of the pan, which will lead to a large the number of negative effects, including transfats and the formation of the so – called golden crust. $

Transfats are a very harmful stage of thermal treatment of ordinary fat, which when digesting in the GI tract is used to build human cells, but does not have practically any useful properties and, moreover, contributes to many health problems. Due to their regular consumption, blood clots may begin to form in humans, and problems with the cardiovascular system often appear.

Ways to reduce the harmful effects of roast

If you decide to fry something, try to use refined oils, as their smoke temperature is higher compared to unrefined. Cooking on such oil will save the prepared product from excessive thermal heating.

One of the very best ways to “fry” something is to cook foods in the oven, provided that the natural fat of a conditional piece of meat will flow down onto the pallet. When frying occurs on a frying pan, this meat is long undergoing heat treatment in its own fat as well as vegetable, which may eventually well lead to the formation of trans fats.

To sum up, in such a way of cooking as frying there are many cons and if possible you should avoid it. Use ovens, various modern baking devices to avoid harmful effects of high temperatures combined with oxidation of oils.

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