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Classic chanahi recipe

You’ll need:
– 400g lamb;
– 1/2 celery root;
– parsley root;
– 2 carrots;
– 3 bulbs;
– 1/2 tbsp. red table wine
– 500 g potatoes
– half head of garlic
– 1 medium eggplant
– 400 g tomatoes
– bundle of cilantro
– vegetable oil
– salt and ground red pepper.

If you don’t have lamb, it can be replaced with beef, but pork is not desirable.

Peel the celery root of the hard peel. Cut the parsley root into a few pieces. Peel 1 carrot and divide into 4 parts. Remove the husk from 1 bulb and cut it in half. Fold vegetables in a pan, pour cold water and put on the heat. Cook the broth for 30-40 minutes. Ready liquid strain and disembark.

Take the remaining vegetables. Tomatoes with boiling water, remove the skin from them, and cut the flesh finely. Onion peel and grind with rings. Cut the aubergine into thin plates, carrots – straws. Remove the peel from the potatoes and cut into circles. With lamb cut excess fat, and grind the meat itself with cubes with a side no more than 2 cm.

Take a deep baking tank, grease it with vegetable oil. Put a layer of half onions on the bottom, top the meat. Salt it and add some red pepper. Then lay a layer of potatoes, a little vegetable oil, a layer of eggplant, a layer of onions, a layer of carrots, and on top a layer of tomatoes. Add 1 finely chopped garlic tooth to each layer except onions.

Once again, salt and pepper your dish. Pour vegetables and meat with 2 tbsp pre-cooked vegetable broth and 1 tbsp red wine. Preheat the oven to 180OS and simmer this Georgian dish for 1.5 hours. The sauce should turn out not too liquid as a result. Serve the chanahi hot, sprinkling with finely chopped fresh cilantro.

Eggplant stuffed with vegetables, nuts and cheese

You will need:
– 3 eggplant;
– 200 g suluguni cheese;
– 300 g walnuts;
– 5-6 cloves of garlic;
– bundle parsley and cilantro
– 1 bell pepper
– olive oil
– salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Garlic in this recipe can be replaced with fried onions.

Wash the eggplant, cut lengthwise in half. Peppers also divide into 2 halves, remove seeds and partitions. Put the vegetables on a baking tray greased with oil. Bake vegetables for 10 minutes at 180°C. After that, at the eggplant, remove the flesh with a spoon, turning them into the likeness of boaters. Cut the pepper and mix with the flesh of the eggplant.

Garlic peel and grind. Wash and slice the greens. Split walnuts and grind in a coffee grinder or in a food processor. Muddle the cheese suluguni with a fork. Mix the flesh of vegetables, nuts, garlic and cheese, add some olive oil, salt and pepper. After that, it will be necessary to stuff the halves of the eggplant with this mixture of ingredients. You can either warm up or serve cold.

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