Focaccia: recipe with fragrant herbs

You will need
  • Ingredients for 4 tortillas:
  • – Flour — 450 g;
  • – Fast acting yeast — 2 teaspoons;
  • – Large sea salt;
  • – a tablespoon of chopped herbs — rosemary and thyme;
  • – water — 250-300 ml;
  • – 4 spoons olive oil;
  • – several sprigs of rosemary for decoration.

Flour sift into a large cup, pour yeast and a teaspoon of sea salt. Add fragrant herbs, stir ingredients. Pour gradually water and olive oil, knead the dough, transfer it to the work surface and for 10 minutes carefully knead.


Clean bowl lubricated with oil, spread the dough in it and close with a food film or a damp cloth. Remove in a warm place – the dough should increase by 2 times in volume, it will take at least 1 hour.


On the raised dough we strike slightly with a fist so that the air came out. Divide the dough into 4 identical parts. We roll each part into an oval with a thickness of not more than 1 centimeter. The trays lubricate with vegetable oil, spread on them tortillas and cover with food film, prelubricated with oil. We leave for 20 minutes for the tortillas to come.


Preheat the oven to 220°C. In each focaccia we pour rosemary needles, sprinkle tortillas with sea salt and splash with olive oil. Bake focaccia for 15-20 minutes, let to cool and immediately serve on the table.

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