Fisinjan of beet

You’ll need
  • -200g beets
  • -20g butter
  • -30g pomegranate grains
  • -40g walnuts
  • -25g onion
  • -cilantro
  • -salt

Peel the beetroot, cut in small slices, place in a pan. Pour the beets with a little water, put out. Stew will have to be long enough. It has to get soft. Ready beetroot pass through a grinder or grind in a combine or blender, refill with oil, and then sprinkle with salt, mix well.


Grind walnuts: either cut with a knife, ceiling in a notch, or grind with a blender. Nuts should not be large, but also it is not necessary to grind them hard. Extract the juice from the pomegranate grains, add with nuts to the beet purée, mix well. Put on a platter.


Cut the onion with rings, lay out on top of the beetroot, sprinkle with greens and walnuts. The dish is ready!

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