Fish in curry sauce with cilanoa

You will need
  • – 400 g of salmon;
  • – bundle of cilantro;
  • – 3 cloves of garlic;
  • – 3 medium tomatoes;
  • – 1 bell pepper;
  • – 1.5 st Long grain rice, for example, basmati
  • – half red pepper –
  • olive oil –
  • 1

  • bulb – 2 oranges – 1 tsp
  • sugar – 1
  • tbsp. sugar – 1
  • tbsp. curry powder;
  • – salt;
  • – freshly ground black pepper.

For cooking fish in a curry sauce is suitable for any tender oily fish. But the best option is salmon. Clean the fish of skin and bones, cut into pieces. Squeeze the juice from the oranges, mix it with curry powder, a little salt and finely chopped burning pepper. Put the fish in this marinade and put away in the fridge for an hour.


Sweet bell peppers peel from seeds and cut into straws. Heat the olive oil in a pan and put the pepper in it. Roast it for a couple of minutes, then add the fish extracted from the marinade to the pan. Cook everything together for another 5 minutes, then take out the salmon and pepper and fold into a separate bowl.


Brush and grind the garlic and onions, give the tomatoes boiling water, remove the skin, and cut the flesh into cubes. Rinse the cilantro greens and finely chop. Roast the onion and garlic in hot olive oil for 2-3 minutes, then add the tomatoes to them, and then – fish and bell peppers. Sour some sugar, salt, pepper, add crushed cilantro greens and simmer the mixture for another 10 minutes.


Long-grain rice rinse and boil until ready in salted water. Serve fish with rice garnish by decorating the dish with sprigs of cilantro. A fresh vegetable salad with olive oil and vinegar can be served separately.

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