Eggplant rolls

You’ll need
  • – 1 chicken breast;
  • – 1 large aubergine;
  • – 1 carrot;
  • – greens;
  • – vegetable oil for frying;
  • – sesame;
  • – salt.

To begin with, you must remove bone from the chicken breast. Then grind the chicken fillet in a blender.


On a shallow grater, grate the carrots and add to the minced meat. Salt. Everything is carefully stirred. You can add a slice of crushed garlic to the chicken minced.


Washed eggplant must be cut lengthwise into thin strips.


The resulting strips should be put in cold water for 20 minutes. This is necessary to get away with the eggplant bitterness. Next, fry the eggplant on two sides in a frying pan on vegetable oil. Sautéed eggplant put on a napkin so that the extra butter will go away.


Next, put the minced meat on the resulting strips, roughly a tablespoon, level all over the aubergine and sprinkle on top of the cut greens. Carefully roll into the rolls.


Spread rolls on a tray, on which parchment paper is fastened. The rolls on top sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes.


The finished dish is laid out on a plate and garnish with fresh greens.

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