Egg chicken. Harm or benefit?

Eating chicken eggs

Chicken eggs benefit the body only if they are fresh, tested for fitness, that is, are not distributors of various disease-causing bacteria. In addition, the best digested eggs are boiled or baked, so they are guaranteed not to poison the microflora of the GI tract and enrich the diet with useful substances.

Regularly eating chicken eggs, a person receives the necessary amino acids, as well as replenishes the required amount of protein, which is not inferior to the properties contained in meat and dairy products.

Lecithin in eggs contributes to improving memory and makes brain work more intense. Improvements in bone and teeth also bind to chicken eggs, as calcium levels in the body increase. And the cardiovascular system is strengthened and supported by a large amount of vitamins contained in the yolk. These are vitamins A, D, E, group B, etc.

Cephalin, beta-carotene, minerals (iron, copper, phosphorus, sulfur) work for the benefit of health. It is very important to use chicken eggs in children’s diet because they increase overall resistance to disease, maintain tone and normalize all life functions. Eggs are relatively long digestible, contain enough fats, so give a sense of satiety. However, those wishing to lose weight are also allowed to eat eggs, but limited.

Whipped raw eggs perfectly envelope and protect the vocal cords from tension. Soften the voice when coughing. However, only heat treatment allows to get rid of harmful salmonella bacteria, which negatively affect the stomach and intestines. Therefore, it is preferable to use eggs in cooked form.

About the harm

Chicken eggs contain cholesterol. Already, two eggs eaten in a day will exceed the permissible level of cholesterol in a person’s blood. Therefore, it is worth treating the chosen food extremely carefully and carefully controlling the balance of substances in the daily diet.

Cholesterol is split by substances that are included in the eggs. However, the latter may not be enough for processing and excreting excess cholesterol. In this case, it is necessary to reduce the number of products that have a negative effect on the overall state of the body.

If anything, chicken eggs should still be present on the table in every home as a source of vital energy and nutrients.

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