Delicious salad “Sakura branch “

Salad recipe “Sakura branch”

To prepare salad “Sakura branch” will need:

– 500-600 g fresh chicken breast,
– 1 can of canned pineapples ( diced),
– 1 can of canned corn,
– 4 eggs,
– 1 bulb,
– 50-70 g of hard cheese,
– 1 salted cucumber,
– a few cloves of garlic,
– mayonnaise taste,
– a little juice of fresh beetroot.

Boil chicken breast, eggs. Cool them down. Brush your eggs. First make from egg white sakura flowers to decorate the dish. Take a thin knife by the blade close to the tip, stick it into the protein at a 45-degree angle and start moving in a spiral, cutting a small flower (10mm diameter). This action is similar to brushing potatoes, but very small steps. For lettuce it would be necessary to cut approximately 20-25 flowers.

Cut the remaining eggs finely by hand or with egg cutting. Put them in a bowl. Slice the chicken breast into cubes or strips (small or medium), add to the eggs. Clean and finely slice the onion, scalp it with boiling water so that the bitterness is gone. Add pineapples, corn and mayonnaise to the bowl with salad, mix all the ingredients well. The

salad can be divided into two halves, in one of them put finely chopped garlic cloves. This serving of the dish will be a little more spicy.

Rub the cheese on a grater and put it on top of the salad. Put the sakura flowers on it. Spread the beetroot juice with a little water and apply it to each flower with a clean paint brush. Make a sakura branch from the pickle. Ready salad should be immediately served on the table.

Salad recipe “A branch of lilacs”

Try to prepare a simple spring salad “A branch of lilacs”. Prepare the following products:

– 1 can of canned fish in oil,
– 5 eggs, 2-3 tuber potatoes,
– 200 g of hard cheese,
– 2 fresh cucumbers,
– 1-2 bulbs,
– mayonnaise,
– salt,
– parsley greens,
– beets.

For salad, saira, hunch, mackerel, sardine will suit.

Rinse and boil potatoes, eggs. Open a can of canned fish, lay out the contents in a bowl. Remove large bones, disperse the fish with a fork. Shoot the onion finely, fire it in a frying pan on vegetable oil. Slice the fresh cucumbers into cubes or rub them on a coarse grater. Peel the potatoes and grind it in a similar way.

Peel the eggs off the shell, lay 2 pieces for decoration, and rub the rest on a large grater. Take a salad pan, put a layer of potatoes, salt it and smear it with mayonnaise. Then lay out the canned fish, chilled sautéed onions and eggs. On top will be a layer of fresh cucumbers. Grease the cucumbers with mayonnaise.

Make a salad. Divide the eggs into proteins and yolks. Rub the yolks on a grater and mix with grated cheese. Stir them and put them on the salad. Rub the proteins on a shallow grater. They can be left white, and can be soaked with freshly squeezed raw beetroot juice. Put the proteins on the salad as lilac flowers, alternating white and lilac. Rinse and discuss the parsley greens, divide it into leaflets, make a branch of lilacs out of them. Put the finished salad in the fridge and for 2-3 hours.

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