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Kulich “Classic”

This recipe traditionally prepared dough for Easter cakes. It’s quite complex and time-consuming. Put the butter in advance in a warm place to soften it. 5 eggs and 10 yolks, without whipping, stir with a fork. Cut the butter into pieces and add to the eggs. In warm milk, scatter a few tablespoons of sugar and yeast, pour into the dishes with eggs and butter. Add 4 cups of flour and stir everything well. Leave the dough for a few hours, for example overnight.

In the morning, add 3 tablespoons vegetable oil, salt, leftover flour and sugar, lubricating hands with sunflower oil, knead very soft viscous dough. Cover the dishes with the dough with a napkin and put in a warm place so that the dough rises 2 times.

Rinse the raisins and steam with boiling water, then drain the water and discuss on a towel. Add the raisins to the dough, knead well again and put in heat for lifting.

Grease the moulds with oil, put on the bottom a circle of dense paper greased with oil and fill with dough at 1/3 height. Place the moulds on a baking tray in the oven, warmed to 180 deg. When the dough is raised and slightly healed, reduce the heat to 120 deg. To check the readiness of the kulich, tap it with a wooden sleeper. If it stays dry, the kulich is ready.

Whisk the proteins with icing sugar until the mass is white and dense. Decorate the cooled dolices with sugar-protein glaze.

Products for dough:

– flour – 2.5 kg;
– sugar – 5 glasses;
– eggs – 15 pcs. ;
– homemade milk – 1 l;
– pressed yeast – 200 g or dry 3,5 sachets;
– butter – 0.5 kg;
– raisins – 2 cups;
– vegetable oil – 3 tablespoons
– salt – tea Spoon

Products for glaze:
– protein 1 eggs;
– icing sugar – 0.5 cup

Kulich “Urban”

In warm water, spread a tablespoon of sugar, yeast, several tablespoons spoons of flour to turn out liquid dough, and leave minutes for 25-30 to ferment in a warm place. Spread the yolks with the sugar of the dobel, add the softened in a warm place (not melted) oil and stir everything well. Put the egg-oil mixture, leftover flour and warm milk in the raised opara. Knead the cool dough. Add steamed boiling water and dried raisins and vanillin to taste and take out the dough well so it becomes resilient. Whisk the remaining proteins into a strong foam, gently enter into the dough, stir and put in a warm place to lift.

Lay out moulds for cookers with oiled dense paper. When the dough is raised in 2 times, shift it into the moulds so that they are filled by 2/3, put the moulds on a baking tray and bake in a hot oven. To keep the dolics from burning, you can put a pan of water on the bottom of the oven. Finished kulichi garnish with icing sugar, candied, etc.


– flour – 1.5 kg; –
sugar – 750 g;
– milk -300 ml;
– oil -0.5 kg;
– eggs – 7 pcs. ;

– yeast – 50 g pressed or 1 pack dry;
– raisins, vanillin, candied – to taste

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