Chocolate cake baked without flour;

You’ll need
  • – 7 pieces of eggs;
  • – 160 g sugar;
  • – 70 g cocoa;
  • – 250 ml 20% cream;
  • – 220 g bitter chocolate;
  • – 30 g butter.

Separate the proteins from the yolks and beat them thoroughly. Stir the whipped proteins with half a serving of sugar sand and continue whisking for a few more minutes.


The remaining yolks beat with the other half of the sugar. After that, add the cocoa to them, stir quietly.


Combine the proteins with the yolks, stir so that the whipped foam does not sleep.


On the baking tray put the baking paper, greasing it with butter. Then pour the cooked chocolate mass over her and bake for 25 minutes at 190 degrees.


Cool the corge and cut lengthwise into four identical parts with a very sharp knife.


Heat the cream, melt the chocolate pieces in them and stir very thoroughly. Then smear each corge with this cream on each side, lay them on top of each other and pour more on top of cream.


Place the finished cake in the fridge for 1.5 hours.

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