Cherry Mousse

You will need
  • – pitted cherry – 300 g;
  • – rice flour – 50 grams;
  • – sugar sand – 25 g.

Put the berries in a deep bowl, with the help of a crowd well disperse. Drain the resulting cherry juice into a separate container.


Cherry squeezes put in a pan, pour water in the amount of 500 ml. Set the dishes on the heat, let boil, then drain and squeeze with gauze. The decoction is cold, and the squeezes are no longer useful.


Stir the rice flour in the cherry decoction. Put on the heat, stirring constantly, bring to the boil. Pour the sugar sand, pour the previously squeezed juice, cook for 20 minutes.


Ready mass cold, then whisk well for 5-7 minutes, get a lush, mouth-watering composition. Spread the dessert on cremanks, garnish with berries and enjoy.

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