Can salted salmon be frozen for storage

How to choose the right fish for salting

If you compare the cost of finished salted salmon and that sold fresh together with the head and tail, it turns out that it’s much more profitable to buy fresh fish and salt it at home. This method of preparation, such as salting, does not involve any heat treatment, which means that you will be able to enjoy a truly magnificent taste of fresh salmon only when she will be of impeccable quality. The slightest disruption of storage technology will affect the taste of the final product — fish will have an unpleasant smell and taste of fish oil.

Since salmon in most cases are shipped to stores from Norway, it is understood that they transport it frozen in special refrigerated machines. The store must also have special equipment to store frozen fish. Subject to all the rules and conditions, salmon will not lose its taste and nutritional qualities, and in a one-off defrost it will be no different from fresh product.

Buying fish at the store, check its quality. Externally, its carcass must be whole, unformed, all scales must be in place. Press your finger on the carcass — the notch from it should immediately disappear when you remove your hand. Fish must have a dense structure, keep up with bones. Sniff the carcass – fresh salmon smells like fresh cucumber and nothing more.

A small portion of the salted fish that will be eaten in the first couple of weeks can be cut into small pieces, spread over glass banks, trampled and pour a little olive oil on top.

How to store salted salmon

Since one such fish can weigh 3-4 kilograms, once you have salted it, the question of storage will arise of this delicacy product. Naturally, it is desirable that in the process of storage it does not change its taste and does not lose its aroma. You can not worry about the safety of salted salmon, it is perfectly stored in frozen form. But before you place her in the freezer, the pieces are better to discuss a bit. Each piece without washing, together with salt and spices, wrap a clean cloth cloth cloth cloth on top of which you can wrap a paper kitchen towel. Fold the pieces on a tray and leave for 1 day to stand in the fridge, covering the top with food film. It is

necessary to defrost the salted fish in advance, in a day laying it on the lower shelf of the refrigerator.

When the cloth and wipes soak up all the excess liquid, remove them and wrap each piece with food film, trying to make it as dense as possible to the package did not remain air. Fold the pieces into a large plastic bag or pack in a few. Put them in the freezer and get one at a time as needed.

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