Buckwheat in multivarke

Buckwheat with mushrooms in multivark

– 2 multi cups buckwheat;
– 4 multi cups of water;
– 200 g champignons;
– 1 bulb;
– salt;
– vegetable oil;
– 30 g of butter.

Peel and cut small cubed bulb. Wash the mushrooms, scoop on a colander and cut into small slices. Set in the multicooker mode “Baking”. Pour vegetable oil into the bowl, wait for it to warm up, and toss the onions. Passify it 5-7 minutes until transparent, then transfer the champignons to it, sprinkle all 0.5 tsp salt, close with a lid and simmer for 20-25 minutes.

Multi-glass is called a measuring cup, included in the set of multicooker.

Measure 2 multiglasses of buckwheat, relocate it if necessary and rinse thoroughly in warm water. Open the multivark after the signal, transfer the grouse there and pour hot water with 0.5 tsp of salt dissolved in it. Lower the lid, select buckwheat mode on the display and prepare the dish until the signal. Put a slice of butter in the buckwheat with mushrooms.

Buckwheat with stew in multicook

– 2 multi cups buckwheat;
– 4 multi cups of water;
– 1 can of pork or chicken stew;
– 1 carrot;
– 1 bulb;
– 2 slices of garlic;
– vegetable oil.

Brush the onions and carrots and grind them into straws. Heat vegetable oil in a multi-cook mode “Bake”, set a timer for 20 minutes and roast vegetables. Add to the roast the stew together with the fat, pressed garlic and prepared grits. Pour everything with water, close the lid and switch the cooking program to “Buckwheat”. Stir the finished porridge well with the stew.

Recipe for milk buckwheat porridge in multivark

– 1 multicup buckwheat;
– 2 multiglasses of milk;
– 1 multicup of water;
– 1/4 tsp salt;
– 2 tbsp sugar;
– 50g butter.

If you load into multivooka products for porridge from the evening so that it is cooked in the morning without your involvement, use pasteurized milk.

> Turn on the multicooker in Multicook mode and set the cooking temperature of 160oC. As soon as the tank is heated, it is tempered with constant stirring for 5 minutes. Dump it in a bowl. Combine the milk with water and pour into a multi-cook pan. Bring the liquid to the boil, scatter the salt and sugar in it and pour the buckwheat. Prepare the dish in “Milk Porridge” mode and shave it with butter.

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