Bake Free Desserts: 5 Best Recipes

Desserts without baking is a real gift for housewives when there is no strength or time to prepare a treat. They will help when you do not want to include a stove or buy shop sweets, which contain dyes, flavors and other not very useful elements.


This American dessert quickly gained popularity with sweetberries. It is based on 2 ingredients.

Shortcake cookies — 400 g

Butter — 155 g

Cream cheese — 650 g icing

sugar — 155 g

Cream — 500 ml

Gelatin — 24 g

Water — 100 ml

Milk — 100 ml

The shortbread biscuits need to be ground, turning it into a powder and then adding the oil to it. Put the mixture in a pre-prepared form. Mix the cheese, powder, cream and beat.

Mix the gelatin with water, and when broke, gently infuse the milk (hot but not brought to a boil) with a thin trickle. Stir everything well to allow the gelatin to dissolve and then pour into the creamy mixture.

Put the resulting soufflé on the corge and remove the dessert in the refrigerator for full stiffening. You can decorate the ready cheesecake, anything: berries, fruits, jam, jam, coconut shavings, chocolate glaze, nuts.

Apple-strawberry marshmallows Cook marshmallows

without baking can be used with agar, which is useful for GKT. Also this recipe is unusually simple and fast, and the taste of the treat will make guests and relatives demand supplements.

Agar-agar — 10 g

Water – 160 ml

Apple puree — 150 g

Strawberry — 100 g

Sugar — 200 g Egg

white- 1 piece

Mix agar-agar with water and set aside for a couple of hours. Puree of apples and strawberries warm, add sugar, stirring with a spoon bring to its dissolution. Remove from the heat, infuse the protein and whisk until puffy.

Boil the water with the agar, and leave on the heat until it turns out thick syrup. If after drawing, threads appear, then the mixture is ready.

Beat the puree once again, gradually pouring the syrup into it. The mass should have a dense structure, but you need to make sure that it doesn’t cool before time. Fill the pastry bag and form the marshmallow.


Another dessert whose bright and unusual taste is impossible to resist. This Italian treat is cooked instantly.

Cream 33% fatness — 250 g

Cream cheese — 250 g

Vanilla sugar — 2 tsp

Savoyardi — 200 g

Grain coffee — 1 cup

Cream, cheese and sugar mix, beat until puffy. Smack the biscuits into freshly brewed coffee. And it should lie in the drink until soft. Part of the prepared savoyardi put on a dish, top cover them with cream. Lay out the second layer of savoyardi, and place on top of the remains of the cream.

The finished tiramisu can be sprinkled with cocoa or grated chocolate, then cleaned in the fridge.

Panacota “orange freshness”

It is considered one of the most unusual desserts for its specific taste. The supplement in the form of citrus will make it more saturated and refreshing.

Gelatin — 15 g

Water — 50 ml

Cream from 20% and higher — 300 ml

Freshly squeezed orange juice orange

sugar — 2 tbsp.

Gelatin pour boiling water and leave for a few minutes. Into the heated cream pour orange juice. After boiling, turn off the fire. Sour 1.5 spoons of sugar, pour in half the gelatin, stir. Fill with a creamy mixture of 2/3 cremanes or glasses and until fully frozen in the fridge.

Mix the remaining gelatin with the remaining sugar and orange juice. Pour the resulting mixture on the frozen cream and send it to the fridge again.

Cake soufflé

Air dessert is known all over the world, but more than others have loved it in France, where we love everything refined and graceful. Such a treat is not difficult to prepare hostesses at all.

Chocolate cookies — 200 g

Butter — 50 g

Water — 100 ml

Gelatin — 10 g

Milk — 100 ml

Sugar — 4 tbsp

Cocoa — 3 tbsp.

Sour cream — 400 g

Banana — 2 pieces

Biscuits and oil grind until smooth, put in a container (better on parchment for baking), send to the fridge.

Mix the gelatin with water, after 20 minutes heat on a water bath, and hold until completely dissolved. Do not allow the mixture to be boiled.


cocoa, milk and sugar put on a medium heat for 3 minutes until there is a homogeneous structure. Pour the gelatin and sour cream, stir.

Cut the bananas into several small pieces. Put the prepared fruit on the corge and pour on top with the resulting cream. Take a treat in the fridge.

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