Apple pie in multicoore

Quick apple pie

baked according to this recipe is very lush and has a gentle taste. Serve it with warm custard or melted vanilla ice cream.

You will need:
– 6 medium sized apples;
– 1 cup wheat flour;
– 4 eggs;
– 1 cup sugar;
– pinch vanillin;
– 1 tablespoon lemon juice;
– butter for lubrication;
– icing sugar for sprinkling.

Vanillin can be replaced with vanilla sugar or essence.

Prepare apples. Wash and discuss them, then remove the skin and core. Cut the fruit into small cubes or thin slices, dry them into a bowl and splash with lemon juice.

Whisk the eggs with a mixer, then add the sugar and vanillin to them. Continue whisking until the sugar dissolves completely. Sift the flour and add it to the egg mixture in portions. Knead the light dough.

Grease the bowl of multicooks with butter. On the bottom, spread the chopped apples and pour them with dough. Slightly shake the shape so the products are arranged evenly.

Turn on baking mode and cook the pie for 55-60 minutes. Get the shape, cool the pie and flip it on a platter. On top of the finished product can be sprinkled with icing sugar. Serve the pie cold or warm.

Sand pie with apples

In the multicooker you can prepare a delicious apple pie on a thin layer of shortbread dough, marred with sweet sour cream cream.

You will need:
– 1 kg sour and sweet apples;
– 1.5 cups wheat flour;
– 100 ml sour cream;
– 150 g cream margarine;
– 1 teaspoon baking powder.

For the cream:
– 2 eggs;
– 1 cup sour cream;
– 1 cup sugar;
– 2 tablespoons wheat flour;
– pinch vanillin.

Melt margarine – it’s convenient to do in a microwave. Seek the flour, mix it with baking powder and add to the margarine along with the sour cream. Notice the uncool dough, collect it in a ball, wrap it in food film and remove it in the fridge for an hour.

Cook the cream by mixing the sour cream with the sugar until it is completely dissolved. Add the eggs, vanillin and flour, all whisk until smooth. The cream will turn out pretty liquid. Brush the apples, remove the core and cut the fruit into very thin plates – it is convenient to do with a knife for cleaning vegetables.

For baking, use ripe and juicy apples, with them the pie will be tastier.

Grease the bowl of multivooks with oil, put the dough on the bottom, with fingers distributing it on the shape. Make the clumps by curving them on the walls of the bowl. On top of the dough, lay out the apples and pour them with cream. Set baking mode. The pie should be prepared for 90 minutes, that is one and a half standard cycle of multicooks.

The finished pie cold in the shape and gently lay on the dish. Serve it warm or cold, pre-cut into pieces.

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