Apple jam pie recipe

There are many recipes for making homemade pie with apple jam. Someone likes to cook a cake with shortcake pastry, someone with puff pastry without adding yeast. However, the classic recipe implies the use of yeast dough. Very nice looks ruddy open apple pie.


– eggs – 2 pieces;
– sugar – 3 tablespoons;
– vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon;
– potato starch – 1 tablespoon;
– apple jam – 200 gram;
– dry yeast — 2 teaspoons;
– milk — 100 milliliters;
– butter — 2 tablespoons;
– salt;
– vanillin.

To make the pie not very sweet, slightly reduce the amount of sugar. Don’t put too much vanillin in, otherwise there may be a bitter taste.


First it is necessary to slightly heat the milk and mix it with sugar. Then it is necessary to dissolve dry yeast in milk. When the yeast is foaming, pour the mixture into a large bowl, add raw eggs, a little salt and vanillin to it. Stir thoroughly. Gradually adding sifted flour, start kneading the soft dough. When all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, leave the dough to “fit” for about thirty minutes.

Then start kneading the dough, adding butter to it, which is pre-needed to melt, cool and mix with vegetable. The finished dough is covered with a towel and put in a warm place for about an hour. While the dough “rises,” mix the apple jam with starch: the filling will become viscous and will not flow beyond the edges of the cake.

Put the dough on a floured table. Take a baking mould, grease with butter and heat the oven to 180-200oS. Roll the dough into a thin layer — about a centimeter thick — and lay it in shape so that it leaves its edges. To cut off the extra dough, which is useful for making the pie, roll around the edges of the shape with a rolling pin.

Put the filling on the dough in an even layer. From the remaining dough, cut thin long bands (or “roll out” thin harnesses). Garnish the pie by laying out the batter in the shape of a lattice.

You can make your open apple pie original by laying out strips of dough in an arbitrary pattern.

Wrap the edges of the dough on the pie, form the border. Then whisk the egg yolk and grease them with the dough. Put the patty in the oven until a ruddy crust is formed.

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