All for Men Salad

You’ll need
  • – 140g boiled chicken meat;
  • – 120g boiled beef;
  • – 130g smoked ham;
  • – 3 pieces tomatoes;
  • – 180 g hard cheese;
  • – leaf salad;
  • – 2 tsp mustard and mustard in grains;
  • – lemon juice from half lemon;
  • – salt, pepper.

Boiled chicken, beef and smoked leg cut thin straws. Cheese and tomatoes are also large cut.


Prepare a dressing for lemon juice salad, mustard, vegetable oil. Add salt and pepper to it.


Stir prepared meat, cheese and tomatoes in a salad pan.


On a large dish lay out whole lettuce leaves, on them a mixture of meat with cheese and tomatoes and drained everything with dressing.


Hold the salad in the fridge for 15 minutes, after which serve on the table.

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