7 species of fish that are not worth eat

Fish must be included in the diet, but only selectively. Some of its species are contaminated with metals, industrial chemicals, pesticides and various parasites that cause serious damage to health and the environment. Such products are better to give up so as not to harm yourself. Some fish are considered particularly dangerous, although it can be freely purchased at the store.

Mahi-mahi or golden makerel

This fish is capable of causing serious allergies. It is large, very bright, with unusual scales of golden shade. It covers mahi-mahi in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans. Its official name is golden makerel. There are a lot of such fish near the Canary Islands. It’s nutritious, delicious, so it found use in cooking. It can be fried, baked, marinated, but people suffering from allergic reactions, eating golden macerel is not recommended. Immediately after catching it needs to be refrigerated or frozen. Failure to do so, the process of decaying the amino acid histamine into histidine and other constituents begins. Histidine in such large quantities is dangerous. Rash, redness of the skin and other signs of allergies may appear, including anaphylactic shock.

Escolar or buttery fish

Grey delicacy makerel or escolar is a pelagic fish open oceanic spaces. It resembles tuna in appearance. It is also called buttery fish because of the high content of fatty acids in meat. Escolar also contains hempilotoxin, which gives the delicacies such a juicy oily taste and texture. Fish is extraordinarily delicious, but you can only eat it in small portions and rarely. Hempylotoxin causes one of the severe forms of diarrhea in humans. High in fats isn’t good for health either. The advantages of fish include low content of heavy metals and other pollutants. Delicacy makerel can only be found in very clear waters. In others, she just doesn’t survive.


These fish are loved to be served in expensive restaurants. It is suitable for cooking many delicacies due to its very pleasant taste and almost complete lack of bones. But with her eating, you need to be careful. Eating it can only be small portions not more than once a month, but it is provided that the diet does not enter other products, which have lots of salts of heavy metals. The sword fish contains mercury in large quantities. There are also neurotoxins in her meat, which are very dangerous to humans. Children give such fish is contraindicated. It should also be abandoned by older people, pregnant women, as well as those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


This fish is popular because of the low price. It is also called “ditch catfish” or sea chicken. Tilapia inhabits virtually all waters, including the dirtiest. It feeds on any organic garbage. With low calorie values, such a product can be highly contaminated and pose a health threat. It is not possible to find out the origin of fish when buying Disadvantages include the unbalanced content of fatty acids. Frequent eating tilapia for food results in impaired metabolism and exacerbated chronic diseases.

Atlantic bigheads


takes about 40 years for this fish to reach the stage of biological maturity. Atlantic bigheads inhabit off the coast of Chile. Recently, the population of this species has declined greatly. Illegal catches have led to this, as well as a long life cycle. Atlantic bigheads can live up to 100 years, accumulating heavy metal salts in all parts of the body. Eating it is dangerous to health.

Atlantic flounder

This fish is endangered. Catching her virtually stopped. Such flounder accumulates heavy metal salts and pesticides in very large quantities. You can’t eat it. The fish, which is found near the Atlantic coast from the United States, is particularly dangerous. Kambala, living in other areas, can be eaten, but little by little.


Shark Meat is edible and considered a delicacy. At the same time, it is not recommended to eat it. Heavy metal salts accumulate in it. Their content can be so high that a person is able to experience breathing problems, encounter the appearance of convulsions. These are all signs of poisoning. There’s a lot of urea in shark meat, which gives it a bad smell. If the product is not properly cooked (not soaked in salt water), it will prove completely unfit for consumption. The meat from the sides has a red hue. It’s the most damaging thing. Not only heavy metal salts accumulate there, but also parasites.

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