Unusual ways to attract money

Economic conditions of all civilizations forced humanity to find new ways to attract money. The most reliable and efficient of the techniques have lived to the present day, which is already a reason for their use.

Eastern art on the arrangement of fen shui housing has a serious arsenal of methods to attract money. One of them is the mandatory dining table decoration. He should always be fine — without crumbs and dirty spots. To attract wealth will not be superfluous to create a tablecloth of white or cream shade. The more expensive this interior attribute will be, the better. In addition, a large cash note should be kept under it. But dirty and empty dishes on the dining table are no place. Instead of it, you should place vases with candy, fruit yellow and red shades.

From Eastern wisdom we turn to European traditions, which state that money is found in the house where it is waiting for them. This phrase should be interpreted as follows: if a person thinks like a poor man, he will remain. Sufficiency is settled in that house where truly royal order reigns. Chaos, mess and dirt are attributes of poverty that should be unregretfully parted. And excuses in style: “I work hard, so I have no time to keep track of order” in this case mean nothing. Old things, which have been stored for years in the hushed corners of the house, should be immediately thrown out so that new ones come in their place.

Perhaps some of the most authoritative in the issue of attracting wealth can be considered the advice of Jewish sages. They mandate that special attention be paid to what the money is stored in. In the house it is necessary to have a casket where money for household needs is stored. Many have such caskets, but most often they are containers for storing small things. Special boxes should contain large notes and it is advisable that as you spend money in them remain, and the casket has always been filled with something. The optimal material for this casket is dark wood or steel. In Israel to this day, there is a special emphasis on symbolism, so most often the symbol of a straight pentagram in a circle is applied on such caskets. They say that so money can be multiplied and detained in the house.

Another advice came already from modernity, but has already gained some popularity. This technique is called “magic bill”. To do this, it is necessary to draw at least six zeros on a bill of low dignity to the figure. This bill with an astronomical sum should be folded fourfold and put in a secret pocket of the purse. Of course, it is impossible to break up with her and even more – periodically it should be taken out and considered.

However intricate and unconvincing at first glance the advice on attracting wealth may seem, whether they work or not – must be tested on one’s own experience. And there are many people who have tested the wisdom of ancestors in fact, and besides — many of them assure that compliance will take is a really effective way in accumulating wealth.

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