How to refund your study tax

You will need
  • – reference and declaration on Form 2-NDFL;
  • – certificate from educational institution;
  • – contract with educational institution;
  • – copies of payment documents.

Submit a declaration on Form 3-NDFL to the tax authority to issue a tuition deduction. Please specify the amount of income you received during the reporting year, the amount of tax withheld from you when paying tuition. Attach to the declaration supporting documents on the available tuition costs. This includes a receipt for payment indicating the amount for the current year of submission of the declaration, the certificate from the educational institution and from the employer (on Form 2-NDFL). The receipt for tuition fees must contain your F.I.O., otherwise the tax inspection will refuse reimbursement.


Take care of providing a declaration before April 30 of that year, which follows the reporting. For example, to reimburse the tax for 2013, it will be necessary to provide a declaration before April 30, 2014. Under the Tax Code, you can file a return within 3 years of the time the first tuition payment was made. Thus, there is usually no problem with the tax refund for the first few years of training.


Take the completed return to the tax person or ask for a representative to do so (power of attorney will be required). You can also send it by mail with all apps. The specialist will check documents, which usually takes up to 3-4 months, and will request other supporting documents if necessary. The deduction amount will be refunded to the bank account you specified. Most often, the tax person asks to open accounts in Sberbank.


In order to obtain a deduction from the funds spent on the education of a child, it is necessary that in the contract or in the certificate from the educational institution, $ the full-time form of training is specified. If the child attends preschool, the deduction can be returned only for additional educational services, the cost of which should be allocated in the contract by a separate line.

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