How to accrue VAT on goods


Set the time to determine the value added tax base at the earliest date: the date of shipment of goods or the day their full or partial payment (Article 167, paragraph 1, of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation) .$


Calculate the proceeds from the sale of goods, adding up all the revenues that are related to the payment of this goods (Article 153, paragraph 2, of the Tax Code RF). Revenue is determined based on the prices (including excise taxes) set in the contract with the buyer. This figure will be a tax base in the sale of goods.


Calculate the tax base when receiving payment or advance based on the amount of payment received. Value added tax is included. However, if goods whose production cycle is longer than six months must be shipped or goods that are not subject to taxation, VAT is not included in the taxable base.


Determine the value added tax rate. Goods can be taxed at rates of 0, 10, or 18 percent. At a rate of 0%, the goods listed in paragraph 1 of Article 164 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation are subject. At a rate of 10%, food products for children, medical products, products related to education, science and culture are taxed. The remaining goods are taxed at a rate of 18%.


Accumulate the amount of VAT on the sale presented to the buyer. To do this, multiply the amount of taxable base by the corresponding rate of this tax. For example, the price of sold goods 10 000 r. The amount of accrued VAT charged to the buyer will be 10 000 r. × 18% = 1 800 p. The cost of goods including VAT will be equal to 10 000 p. + 1 800 p. = 11 800 p.


Calculate the amount of VAT to be accrued when receiving the advance from the buyer, according to the formulas:
– VAT = amount of advance (partial payment) ×18/118 , if goods are taxed at the rate of 18%;
– VAT = the amount of advance (partial payment) ×10/110 if the goods are taxed at the rate of 10%.
For example, an advance in the amount of 59,000 r.s., the goods are taxed at the rate of 18%. The amount of VAT will be equal to 59 000 x 18/118 = 9 000 r.

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