How to transfer webmoney to bank card

Standard method of transfer of funds

The Webmoney system has its banking service, which allows you to transfer from some accounts to others. It operates under the same rules as everyone else. You will need to enter the full name of the owner card, the bank’s BIC, the current account. The note field is filled automatically. It specifies — in the account of payment of title marks Webmoney.

This transfer takes place only on working days from Monday to Friday and usually takes no more than 3-4 hours if the operation was carried out before 13:00 in Moscow. The system holds its commission of 0.8%, but at least 15 rubles. On such terms, Webmoney is ready to send your money to absolutely any bank.

Create a virtual MasterCard Card

Another way to transfer money from Webmoney to card will require you to create a virtual Master Card that supports all function of the regular map, unless physically can be released.

After getting the card number, end date, CVC and Pin codes you can transfer the required amount to it. If your bank has an internet service to manage accounts, then, consider, you’re lucky. In it, you can tie the newly created card to a real plastic one. This method will allow you to make translations instantly. Usually the delay takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

For any bank transfers, there are restrictions that are associated with your certificate in the Webmoney system. For initial and formal, the limit of transferred funds cannot exceed 15,000 rubles per month. To raise this figure immediately up to 2 000 000 rubles, you can confirm your certificate with a passport and a statement at the certification center.

Every person going to work on the internet or accept large amounts of Webmoney should have such a certificate. It will provide you both trust and guarantee no lock in the system and increase limits on transfers.

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