How to live on percent


Today you can invest money in the bank at 7 -12% per annum. These are average offers of different banks. And the bigger the rate, the more conditions. For example, a bank can make an offer so that it will be possible to withdraw any amount only once a year, after the expiration of the contract. If you take interest every month, the rate will be slightly lower.

The average family today in Russia can live on 30 thousand rubles per month. To get such an amount, under 10% you need to put 3 million 600 thousand. If more is needed for life, then it is worth increasing the amount of contribution.


The feature of the modern economy is inflation. Today 100 rubles can be bought much less than 3-4 years ago. That means money is gradually devalued. The average percentage of inflation per year in Russia is 8%. Accordingly, every year you will lose some of your money, although the amount will not change. For example today for 2 million you can buy a two-bedroom apartment in a provincial city. In a few years, this money will only be enough for a one-room.


In order to keep savings from inflation, you need to leave in the account the amount of interest charged, equal to inflation. It means 8% of the money that has been run up is better to leave in the account. If the contribution is under 10%, it is advisable not more than 2%. And to get the desired 30 thousand per month, you need to invest 18 million rubles.


Today, there is an alternative system of investing. Money at interest does not have to be carried to the bank. It is possible to entrust them to a person who will deal with their investment. Many companies offer similar services. The percentage on these deposits can vary from 10 to 200 per year. But with such investments it is necessary to check the reputation of the company, as well as to take an interest in the stabilization fund, which will be used if there are unforeseen circumstances. There is always a risk of loss in such investments.


It is also possible to invest money in real estate. Today, commercial facilities generate considerable income. You can’t call this interest unambiguously, but monthly payments with the right investment are accurately guaranteed. Renting an office can cost impressive money in any city in the country.

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