How to earn

You’ll need
  • Computer, Internet, marketing tutorial, pen, notebook.

Think what you know how to do. Write all skills and hobbies on the sheet. Here it is absolutely irrelevant whether you collect stamps, know how to write, knit, embroidery or create programs for computers. The main thing is that it brings pleasure. Only the joy of what you do will help combat the fatigue and setbacks that can arise on the path to success.



making a similar list, in front of each item, write to those who need your services. If you like knitting – these are colleagues, acquaintances, relatives, clothing stores, especially today are relevant online stores. Even if it is not possible to create your own online store, you can always offer your own products to websites that are already created and specialize in similar products by writing im by email.


Are able to take quality photos, pay attention to photo banks on the Internet, acquaintances who are going to play a wedding, parents with children. Before offering your services, be sure to study the technical and aesthetic requirements of photo banks. Each photo bank necessarily has its own specific requirements for work, and it is worth focusing on your work to be accepted. The versatility of such Internet platforms is that you can offer your works, both domestic and foreign photo banks.


Collect stamps, coins or other interesting items and are ready to sell part of the collection, study information about auctions and companies engaged in them purchase and sale.$ Some foreign museums can also appreciate the items you have offered. Feel free to write to well-known auction houses like Sotheby’s if you really have something to offer them.


Love writing and know how to do it, find a job as a copywriter. Very many sites are interested in good authors or choose some one like this site. Here any author will be able to find topics that are close to him. Over time, you might want to become a writer. By creating a work, find publishing houses that accept the work of new authors. If refused, don’t lower your hands, improve your writing skills. A large number of successful writers were far from immediately able to find their publisher, who managed to appreciate their potential.

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