What documents are needed for loan formation

Compulsory documents that the bank will require when making any loan

Naturally, the bank issues loans not out of altruism – this is one of the main items of income credit organizations, so the bank needs guarantees of return not only of the principal amount, but also interest on it. Each bank determines a package of documents confirming your solvency, taking into account its own risks when issuing a given amount. The composition of necessary documents, mainly, depends on the type of lending.

Those documents that you will require necessarily include a passport or other document that clearly confirms your identity. For insurance, as a rule, you may require two more documents to choose from: military ticket, foreign passport, pension fund insurance certificate, driver’s license. But this is the necessary minimum, at which you will only be able to issue in the store consumer credit for a small amount. When the amount exceeds 50-100 thousand, the package of required documents can be expanded.

In the case of a loan secured by the property, you will need to present a certificate of ownership of the mortgaged object real estate. Value estimation is usually the bank does itself.

Documents required to obtain a large bank loan

When you want to receive a large amount of cash, the bank has the right to demand from you:
– application for credit and plastic card, which is written on the model;
– original and copy of the general civil passport;
– original and copy of the driver’s license;
– certificate on salary for the last 3 months, issued no later than 30 days before presentation;
– certificate from the last place of work or a copy of the work book;
– pension certificate, if you — pensioner.

You may not need a certificate about the absence of debt in other banks — the borrower bank may request your credit history.

When you want to get a mortgage loan from the bank, the requirements will be tighter. To confirm your identity, you will need photocopies of all pages of the passport, a reference from the place of work on Form 2-NDFL, issued no later than a month. A copy of the work book will need to be certified with the stamp of the employer. You will also need to present, a marriage certificate if you are in it, or a divorce certificate if you were married or married once, as well as documents for children if you have there are children under 18 years of age. Some banks will also be asked to show driver’s licenses or, when none are present, the original no-illness certificate from a psycho-neuralogical dispensary. Be prepared also to present a diploma, certificate of education or documents for a car, a certificate of ownership of real estate.

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