How to deal with collectors in 2017


When calling or communicating directly with a representative of a collection agency, ask him to introduce himself. Let him name his last name, first name, middle name and position he holds. Also require the name of the agency that the collector represents and the contact details. By telling you this data, the collector will be forced to behave more discreet and ethical.


Call the collection agency by phone to check the information provided to you. Please also contact the bank with which you are associated with the loan obligations and find out whether the right to return the debt is actually transferred to this collection organization.


Require collectors to provide you with documents that establish that this structure acts on the basis of agency contract and legally represents the interests of a bank or other credit institution.$


Keep aging and calm when communicating with collectors. If the conversation turns to heightened tones, and agency representatives start using threats, remind them that such a tone is inappropriate in this case, and threats violate your legal rights.


Answering questions from collectors, do not take the position of the applicant, do not immediately try to persuade representatives of the agency to soften the conditions. Provide only dry facts without providing detailed and confidential information that may later be used against you.


If there is a technical possibility, record a phone conversation with collectors or use a voice recorder on personal contact. Such actions on your part are not prohibited by law and will be able to temper the ardor not to the measure of retic debt collectors. Recording a conversation could also be one of the evidence of wrongdoing if you choose to go to court.


After the first visit to collectors, immediately seek assistance from a qualified lawyer. A legal professional will be able to make a proper assessment of the collection agency’s actions and will offer the most reasonable behavior tactics in your particular conflict situation.

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