What you can wear winter shorts with

Shorts in winter: the right top

Winter shorts is a separate category of clothing. Rare summer models can be worn during the cold period. Either the color would be inappropriate, or the material. Therefore, for winter stylists offer to choose warm and comfortable shorts, combining them with a comfortable and beautiful top.

Special attention should be paid to short models of dense fabrics. Such shorts can be made of tweed, suede, insulated jeans. Excellent top will be sweaters and cardigans of tight knit. Also suitable are one-tone turtlenecks, on top of which you can wear a jacket or a fur vest. For the weekend, wear a warm sweatshirt or hoodie with shorts.

Warm shorts can be worn to party or visit. In this case, choose a light top: chiffon blouse or cotton shirt. The contrast of fabrics will help create an interesting image.

In winter, shorts made of leather and leather are very popular. These models will not allow to freeze, and the spectacular appearance will allow to wear them both on a meeting with girlfriends and on a date. The top should be picked depending on the case. For example, for a friendly trip to the cinema, choose a large knit pullover or a shirt vest. For a date, it would be preferable to wear a translucent blouse and jacket or a romantic asymmetrical tunic. The

shorts of the classic silhouette deserve special attention. These models can be made of a variety of materials: dense cotton, tweed, knitwear, etc. Typically, shorts of such a style have broad pants, reaching up to the middle of the thigh (or below) in length.

Classic shorts will look great with a simple, concise top. Like a shirt and a vest. Also fit fitting pullovers with a massive collar, blazers, spectacular blouses.

How to insulate the bottom

To avoid freezing in winter in shorts, you should pay special attention to insulation. Typically, tight tights are worn under the short bottom. Their choice depends on the desired image.

The laconic appearance will be given by tights matched in tone shorts. With this layout it will not be difficult to choose the color of the top. Another thing is the contrasting bottom. Colored tights are very popular today, but you should carefully work out the ensemble so as not to overcome with brightness.

In winter it is also important to pay attention to shoes. High boots, ankle boots, massive boots in men’s style are perfectly combined with shorts. For a holiday in nature or a weekend will be perfectly suitable for uggs, valenques and “moonwalkers”.

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