What to wear snickers with

Snickers and jeans

Snickers are designed to wear them with skinny jeans or boyfriends jeans. The fact is that this ultra-fashionable and comfortable footwear is created as an alternative to sneakers with the only difference that the tankette makes sneakers more versatile and applicable to more images.

Full girls shouldn’t be wary of buying snickers. On the contrary, such shoes will allow them to visually lift and draw out the silhouette.

When choosing jeans to sneakers, remember the variability. It is possible to wear longer models in which the abdomen closes the ankle or vice versa, upturned, in which part of the leg remains open. Both of these options are possible. However, it is necessary to avoid wide models of jeans – with them sneakers will look ridiculous.

As a top, choose:

– plaid shirts;
– spacious blouses;
– sweatshirts with funny drawings or lettering;
– classic pullovers with round or V-neck;
– t-shirts.

In cold weather, the kit should be supplemented with a spacious coat of men’s cut, coat trench or parka. A bright stocking cap and minimalistic hobo bag will make the image daring and youthful.

Snickers and dresses

Snickers, unlike most sneakers, can be worn with both dresses and skirts. It should be remembered that such shoes cannot be considered universal and require combinations with wardrobe items related to her style.

So, it is not recommended to wear snickers with business outfits.

Suitable for sneakers dresses in the style of cajual, for example:

– dresses of shirt type;
– dresses of sweaters;
– dresses in the style of military.

The easiest option is to make up a set of snickers and a minimalistic black turtleneck dress, as in Marc Jacobs’s latest collection. Such an outfit is simple and stylish at the same time, it does not require any special accessories. If desired, of course, you can add to the image a straight wool coat, a silk handkerchief echoing in colour with snickers, or a necklace made of many chains. However, it should be remembered that similar dresses look successfully only on slender girls.

Girls with shapes should stop their choice on spacious dresses of shirt type. Such models tend to have a bar with multiple buttons on the front, which profitably emphasizes beautiful breasts. The collar at these dresses is similar to the collar of ordinary shirts, and the silhouette of the product itself is straight and not shy of movements. In a dress shirt made of tight fabric, the full girl will feel comfortable enough. As for snickers, they’re great at such an informal outfit.

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