What to wear palazzo pants

Excuses in the history

of the

¬†Palazzo pants owe their appearance to Coco Chanel, who first demonstrated the model in the early 30s. And three dozen years later saw their triumphant return thanks to Emilio Pucci. Since then, palazzo has periodically knocked out into trends, taking a decent place in fashionistas’ closets. They look like luxurious silk pajamas from the 30s, and you can look aristocratic in them and feel at ease.


love of palazzo trousers is explained by their non-triviality. The model is able to highlight its owner, make it pay attention to it. Palazzo ‚ÄĒ self-sufficient in themselves.

Who are suitable

For starters, we should note that palazzo trousers require the presence of a slender high figure and long legs. Owners of medium height can include them in the wardrobe, but they will have to be worn exclusively with high heels, so as not to look slaughtered.

Important nuance An

important condition for the palazzo is the right length. Trousers should almost touch the floor and cover the foot completely, showing only part of the shoe when walking. In the right length and encased all their chic.

With what to wear

pants Palazzo do not accept a voluminous or overly decorated top. They are excessive initially, so it is necessary to supplement them with ‚Äúsimple‚ÄĚ things in terms of cut.

Palazzo is perfectly combined with strict men’s shirts, tight and cropped tops, short blazers. On cold days, it is appropriate to scoop a jacket, coat or cloak. It is important that outerwear have a straight silhouette and be tight.

If the palazzo have a pattern, then the rest of the garment in the image should be monotone, ideally repeating the shades of the pattern. Monochrome models can be combined with any top. They’re appropriate even in a business ensemble. A palazzo with ethnic motives is an option for brave fashionistas who are not afraid to hear an urban lunatic.

Tall women can wear a palazzo with or without a heel. The acceptable option, and not only for fashionistas of small stature, will be a tankette or a high heel, not a stud, namely a steady one.

On shoes without a heel should bet owners of a tall and slender figure. At the same time, the main condition remains complete closure of the feet with trousers.

It is important not to overdo it with accessories as the palazzo are already bright. Choose discreet jewelry, such as a small pendant on a thin chain and concise earrings. Give up massive bags and choose a clutch or medium-sized model. The look with a palazzo is appropriate to complement with a leather belt or belt that add emphasis to the waist.

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