What shoes to wear spring

Early spring: shoes for every day

With the onset of spring, there is not always an opportunity to immediately retrain into beautiful ankle boots or shoes. The weather dictates its conditions: there is snow somewhere, and the thermometer rarely rises well above zero. So for early spring choose comfortable, spectacular and beautiful boots or boots.

In the new season, designers offer girls comfortable shoes. In fashion a steady heel and a small platform at the front. The colors are the most democratic: black, brown, light beige. Materials lead genuine leather (shiny and matte) and suede.

Note the practical novelty: galoshes. Today, many popular firms produce comfortable “Czechs” made of rubber for boots with heels. This device for suede shoes is especially relevant.

Do not surrender their positions and botforts. The length of them should be just above the knee, and the sole is almost flat. A small heel (about 3cm) or a hidden lift is also welcome. Such botforts look very elegant and sexy.

Amateurs of lower bowls are offered to wear boots up to the middle of the caviar. It is better if the model will have a secret platform of at least 6-8 cm. Note the boots having a small “build” in the ankle area.

In early spring, massive lace-up boots will also come in handy. They must have a “working”, “all-terrain”, have a quality grooved sole. Such shoes today are chosen by many celebrities, combining it with leggings, skinny jeans and trousers.

As for the front of the shoe, here fashion gurus decided unanimously: a slightly blunted, rounded sock. In the new season, opt out of overly sharp or bent up models. Also in honor the classic before — triangular-rounded.

Spring Thaw: Light footwear

The choice of lighter spring shoes is also extensive. The leaders are shoes and ankle boots on a high and steady heel. Models should be concise, simple, predominantly natural classic shades.

Thick heeled shoes look great on girls with any figure. Fashionable shoes and ankle boots should also have a small platform at the front — 2-3 cm. So your legs won’t get tired any longer.

Dress shoes should shine. With evening outfits, designers offer to wear shoes of metallic shades: gold, copper, silver. The nose of the shoes should be a little flung, but not pulled out. Models embroidered with beads, sequins are also welcome.

Sneakers are particularly popular – trendy sneakers on and without the platform. This shoe is a true hymn to convenience and practicality. Among the variety of models made of different materials, you can easily find the perfect pair for yourself.

In spring, you should also pay attention to the shoe models close to men’s. Strictness of forms, unconditional comfort and perfect compatibility with many things of the female wardrobe made this shoe very much in demand. You can choose both modest matte leather shoes and more prominent lacquer or embroidered options.

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