What impurities are contained in gold 500 probation

Composition of gold 500th sample

Not everyone knows that impurity-encumbered natural gold is pre-purified and fused with other metals that gives the material strength and color. It is on the percentage content of impurities that the so-called sample, or the specific amount of material per thousand units of mass of the resulting alloy will depend.

The lowest sample of gold is 375, the metal with this label contains only 37.5% of gold proper, and the remainder is copper and low-test silver. This alloy is considered technical.

Thus, gold 500 samples are characterized by fifty per cent of the pure material itself and half of the impurities comprising copper and silver. Under the European measure of determining the purity of the material, this metal will match 12 carats.

Application of 500th gold

Although the metal changing its coloration from reddish to greenish in direct dependence on the impurities combination applied, $ used to make jewelry, he found a decent niche in the field of supervision of jewelry products. This is due to the low degree of foundry, that is, fluidity, the nature of solidification, and resistance to cracks and breaks.

Products made of such gold often dim very quickly and lose their original appearance and beauty. Although this alloy is permitted for use in the jewelry industry, it is rare and represents an exception rather than a rule.

The most expensive gold sample is 999, it is called worm. This alloy is not used by jewelers because of its softness, however, it is possible to find family jewels made of this metal on the black market. Before the revolution, jewelry was made of it.

This feature is due to the strong dependence of gold 500 samples on the structural composition of impurities included in its formulation, it refers to the earlier mentioned copper and silver. It is copper that gives the metal a characteristic reddish coloration, determines its strength and so-called gravitation, at the same time this element not only changes the properties of the material to the worse, but also gives alloy poor corrosion resistance. Silver in turn changes the color of the material from greenish to white, depending on the nominal mass, it gives the resulting substance softness and malleability.

Gold 500th sample has a very low value, this factor is another compelling argument in favor of the use of domestic jewelers more common and profitable for their characteristics of a material such as gold sample 585.$

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