Wedding dress: buy or rent?

Cons of renting a wedding dress

If you are averse to the very thought that such an important thing as a wedding dress, someone has already worn, do not hesitate and go for a purchase, even that will hit your wallet or you have to choose from a limited number of options. In addition, to return some of the money spent, the dress can be sold after the wedding. If you don’t like the anxiety and excitement associated with this, you can sew new things from a wedding dress – symbolically it will be even more correct. Often from wedding outfits sew convertibles for newborns. Many consider it the perfect end to the “career” of a wedding dress.

Another argument for buying can be considered the fact that renting a dress that has not printed any of the previous banquets is quite difficult. On the dress, which you are going to take, can come off rhinestones, creep the seam, break the plume… Perhaps in the salon when accepting it, and you can find such little things not immediately, but, for example, , just before the celebration, but such unpleasant moments can spoil the mood. In addition, in the salon at the moment when you will hand over the dress back, there can be a very “eyed” receiver who will come to the previously unnoticed miscues.

The cost of renting a dress is thirty to fifty percent of the price of a new outfit.

The need to keep a close eye on the rented thing too is indicative in favor of buying one’s dress. When all evening the outfit has to protect from cakes, wine, sharp corners and drunk relatives – where is there to enjoy the celebration? But if you do not protect the rented dress, you may have to cover the entire cost of it. It is better from the beginning to buy a wedding toilet in your use. By the way, if you are going to leave your treasure to your supposed daughter or granddaughter, the day after the celebration, give it to the dry cleaning. This will keep the dress snow-white for years to come.

Can you still rent it?

A significant drawback of the rental can be called the lack of fitting the dress for the figure

However, there are also a lot of arguments in favor of renting. First, if your budget is tight, renting a dress won’t punch any new holes in it. Secondly, it is difficult to sell even the most beautiful dress after a wedding, and in the case of a rental outfit such a question is not even worth it. This dress will cost you a much lower amount, which means that you can buy something nice and durable for the difference. Thirdly, in most salons, all the necessary accessories to the rented clothes are provided free of charge, which can save you even more time and money.

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