Rules for Combining Boots with Clothing

There are a number of rules by which you should choose clothes under ankle boots. This original footwear cannot be combined with classic trousers, capri trousers, skirts or maxi dresses of length – if the short boot “presses” the hem, the legs are visibly shortened. Also do not combine ankle boots with curvy skirts – the proportionality of the body will be impaired.

For business style, the perfect companions of such shoes will be pencil skirts and tight midi length dresses, combined with tight black tights. Ankle boots should also be black, for example, lacquered, of smooth leather, because using such color techniques the legs look longer and slimmer. Accessories include clutches in the tone of the main outfit, briefcase bags or voluminous leather redicules, combined in color with shoes.

For hiking, you can combine ankle boots with skinny jeans, leggings, mini skirts. Tights or stockings must necessarily be tight and, if the outfit allows it, may even be colored. A good addition to the image will be a bright clutch or a small handbag on the chain over the shoulder, selected in the tone of tights.

Only open models of ankle boots are allowed to wear without stockings – summer variants decorated with guipure and sequins. Perfectly combined with such footwear dresses and skirts made of light, flowing fabrics, cocktail lace ensembles.

Often winter ankle boots are decorated and insulated with natural or artificial fur. Such models should be carefully selected outerwear. If it is a fur coat, the lint should be as short and modest as possible, however, it is allowed that the fur of the winter coat gate is identical to that of the boots.

You can’t wear ankle boots for fashionistas with wide drumsticks and ankles – such shoes will definitely emphasize the shortcomings of the figure.

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