Rolex: how to distinguish original from counterfeit

How can you distinguish the original Rolex from the counterfeit

Note the microengraving with the company logo. All Rolex watches on the case under the number 6 feature a miniature image of the crown with five prongs. Many counterfeit manufacturers carry the logo to the back cover or to other parts, but don’t put it where it should be. Note another point: the image of the crown on a real watch is so small that it is hard to make out in detail with the naked eye. But taking the magnifier, you consider the logo well. Manufacturers of counterfeits, as a rule, do not manage to work so their version of the logo looks at least untidy.

The back cover should be completed with a hologram showing the Rolex logo and serial number. If the hologram is missing, or there is a sticker on which the symbols look the same, from whichever point they look at, in front of you is fake. The same applies to the situation where there are several copies of the watch with the same serial number in front of the buyer in the store.

Weigh your watch in your hand. Real Rolex always differ in weight. Fakes are often made of cheap materials and have less weight. However, it is worth remembering that this parameter alone is not necessary to rely on: it is more of an additional proof that before you are a fake, than the main way to distinguish it from the original.

Difference of real Rolex from counterfeiting: interesting details

Now in fashion watch with a transparent case through which you can see the internal mechanism. Often you can find Rolex with this option of decoration. However, if you see the accessories of this company with a glass case, rest assured that you are in front of a fake, no matter how high-quality and luxurious it looks. The fact is that Rolex has never produced a watch with a transparent case at all.

The attentive buyer will certainly notice another important point. This Rolex has a glass that increases the date on the dial by 2.5 times. In counterfeits, the usual glass is most often installed. However, you can find fakes, in which the figures are visually increased by 1.5 times, but not more than that. If you’ve ever seen the magnifying glass effect used in Rolex, you’ll easily recognize the copy.

If possible, do a “water check”. It’s simple: Drop water on the glass and look at its “behavior.” If the water immediately collected in a drop, it is likely that you have a real Rolex in front of you, and if you have grown – a fake. The secret lies in the difference between the sapphire crystal used in making the original and the glass applied in fakes.

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