How to wipe away stains from clothing

You will need
  • – washing detergent/soap
  • – hydrogen peroxide
  • – borax
  • – manganese
  • – ash and table salt;
  • – vinegar
  • – talcum
  • – petrol
  • – vodka
  • – spool alcohol
  • – starch
  • – glycerin.

The most easily visible spots are dirt stains. Remove them like this: walk through the contaminated place with a wet brush; after the cloth dries, wet the stain with soapy water. If it didn’t help, treat the area with a strong vinegar solution and then just wash as usual.


If the label indicates that washing is prohibited, place the stains with a tampon dipped with a 10% hydrogen peroxide solution, preliminarily test the reaction at an inconspicuous location. Remove stains with cloak cloth with vinegar solution – on half a liter of water three tablespoons of vinegar.


Fresh greasy stains are easy enough to deduce with handmade means too. Fresh spot sprinkle with chalk, leave for 2-3 hours, detach. The gate of the outerwear is often salted – wipe the unfresh places with a solution of 10 per cent nashatyr alcohol mixed with salt – on 25 g of nashatyr 5 g of salt.


Another way: sprinkle the stain with talcum and stroll through the wet paper with an unhot iron; the next day, disarm the remaining talcum. Also, fresh stains on the jersey can be brought out in gasoline or rashatyr alcohol in half with hot water. Older stains are poorly brought out at home, so if the thing is dear to you, take it to dry cleaning.


Sparched thing with soda ash and nashatyr – a teaspoon of soda and nashatyr per liter of water. Rinse in water acidified with vinegar. Spots of chocolate moisten with oil or rinse in salted water. Old stains on light things out with hydrogen peroxide: go through the fabric with a swab with mortar and hold 10-15 minutes, then rinse in cold water.


Spots from red wine, treat glycerin mixed with raw yolk, rinse in warm water. Freshly appeared stains remove from salt and water, after 20-30 minutes rinse with soap solution and rinse in warm water. Wipe the stains from the wine first with a solution of manganese and then, after 2-3 minutes, with a solution of hydrogen peroxide (teaspoon on a glass of water).


Spots from the fruit print with a mixture of glycerin and vodka in equal proportions. Hold the thing with the old stain over the boiling water, wipe the stain with lemon juice with vodka, then a solution of water with the nashatyr. In addition, similar stains are removed from any laundry detergent or a mixture of gasoline and glycerol.


Spot from the blood first rinse with cold water, then walk over the spot with soap and rinse. Old stains first wipe with a solution of the nashatyr – teaspoon on a glass of water, followed by brown – in the same proportion, wash the linen. From the thin silk, remove the stain from the starch – apply it and let it dry. Shake the starch, and wash the thing as usual.

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