How to wear a corset with a skirt


Types of skirts under a corset

Modern designers introduced a new vision of using corsets. Here you can see the unencumbered models, which belong to the fetish industry or the Hanzha corsets with a knee-length skirt. Among the options shown, you are sure to find an outfit that will appeal to you. Only to choose!


Corset with tutu skirt

It is quite a playful image, it is suitable for seducing a man when you need to demonstrate your sexuality. An understated corset and curvy skirt are typically used for such an outfit. Lacing at the back will add a special touch of piquancy.


Corset with skirt style “pencil”

such option will be appropriate for office style, but it is important to adhere to discreet shapes and classic colors. Separately, don’t wear a corset! It should be combined with blouses, shirts, put on top of a suit jacket.


Corset with long skirt

This outfit can replace evening dress in the floor. And also it can be called practical, because the outfit can be worn separately. This option will look good with a bright dress skirt and a solid corset.


Of course, if you are determined to combine a skirt and a corset in one outfit, then take into account that you will immediately become the object of universal attention. So don’t forget the makeup and hairstyle – everything should be perfect!

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