How to wash a baseball cap in a washing machine and hand

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the manufacturer’s label with composition and rules of care for the thing. This is necessary because the visor can be made of cardboard and the machine wash it will not survive, and the synthetics in the fabric react negatively to high water temperatures.

How to wash a baseball cap in a washing machine

It is necessary to read the rules of care on the label. It indicates basic conditions, temperature mode, washing or dry cleaning, drying options.

The dye of the fabric from which the cap is sewn can be unstable and it is important to check how it behaves with powder or wash gel. It is worth applying a little cleaning agent from inside out on a small area, rub and rinse with warm water. If after drying it is not watered down, it can be washed in the typewriter.

For such frame things, gels are better suited, as the powders dissolve worse in water and wash poorly out of the seams and can leave divorces when drying.

The temperature regime of 30° is suitable for all types of materials, but if the product is stitched in cotton or linen and contamination is significant, the contaminated site must be treated before a suitable stain detector, and a 40° mode is permitted. Along with the baseball cap, it is not desirable to load other things into the washing machine, as even the plastic visor can break when the drum is scrolled and the pressure of wet things. On the display, you need to select the mode “Hand wash” or “Protective wash” and display at a minimum “Prunch” mode and, if available, “Drying”.

How to wash a baseball cap by hand

Hand cleaning can be dry, wet, or with full immersion in water. Typically, dry and wet wash is used for products with cardboard visor. These ways are sparing enough, but may require great effort.

Fresh dry spots can be removed with a soft brush, rubbing for a few seconds, if the contamination is left, then use soda or a special pencil stain. Wet cleaning requires a small amount of water or some solution. Such methods include the removal of stains using hydrogen peroxide, porcelain from soda and vinegar, special wet wipes from stains, etc.

The most effective and common is the classic hand wash. It helps to get rid of sufficiently complex contaminants and evenly cleans the whole thing.

Manual wash sequence

  • As in the case of a washing machine, it is necessary to read the conditions on the manufacturer’s label. Wash methods and water temperature will depend on it.
  • The most contaminated areas are treated with a stain extractor, and cleaned with a sponge or brush.
  • It is

  • necessary to assess the degree of contamination, and if necessary, soak the baseball cap in the pelvis with soap or powder solution for 30-60 minutes, while it is not desirable to make the water hot.
  • Carefully propel the cap, without breaking the frame, without twisting and squeezing. If the powder was not used for washing, then it is necessary to make sure that the particles do not remain in the seams.

It is forbidden to wring the baseball cap, the leftover water can be wet with a dry towel and left to dry naturally. Drying a hairdryer or on a battery is also not recommended.

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