How to invest in your wardrobe properly

You’ll need


  • Basis of any wardrobe – it’s the base. The basic things in all women are the same, they differ in shape, color or size. Having a competent basis in your closet, you will easily create a beautiful image, as well as virtuoso friends already available clothes with fashionable novelties.
  • So what applies to the base?

T-Shirts. Regular models without prints and rhinestones. Free cut that will sit well and keep shape. It is enough to purchase 2-3 options of neutral shades and they will be your salvation in many situations.


Straight jeans. Jeans have long since become a necessary thing in every wardrobe. And although designers offer us new styles every season, the straight model remains a classic. Favor high fit and blue, and then your jeans will be timeless.


Skirt. Pleated, pencil, with smell, A-silhouette – any style that goes to you. The main rule: not mini and not denim, the rest is at your discretion.


Dress. Not a case, not a new-look with a lush skirt and even a small black don’t take the base. Stop on the dress, trapeze or straight cut option. It should look impeccable on you and match equally well with sneakers and heels.


Pants. Dudochki, culottes, palazzo, with arrows and without — the choice of trousers is truly limitless. Choose the right style and classic colors and mix them with everything in your wardrobe.


Shirt. A universal thing for any woman. A good shirt can be worn with any bottom and even scoop on top of the dress. She will help you out for a walk and a meeting, and in the evening, supplemented with accessories, it is quite possible to go on a date.


Sweater. A model of concise shape that goes exactly to you. Free, solid color, of quality knitwear, and if you can break on cashmere, it will be a good investment.


Jacquette. Any jacket that’s in your closet makes friends with jeans, trousers and dress. If you’re looking for a “timeless” thing, then take a look at a Chanel-style crop-jacket or a neutral-hue single-breasted jacket.


Cloak. The most current model is a trench, but it does not fit all styles. Therefore, you can safely invest in cloaks below the knee and midi, in leather and cotton, in classics or oversize.


Sneakers have already firmly won the love of fashionistas around the world. Without these shoes, life is not imagined by any woman from 20 to 70 years. They’re lovely with trousers, dresses, jackets and raincoats. Sneakers are one love.


Pumps. Of course, what wardrobe will do without a feminine and elegant pair of shoes. Boats are the very shoes that will be modern even in 10 years. Heel height and color — vary as desired.


Quality lingerie. Don’t save on good kits. Without regret, throw away something that has lost sight or has become little to you. Remember that beautiful lingerie is what makes a woman out of a woman.

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