How to get fashionable by wearing a grandmas dress? Supertrend for 2020

In one of his interviews, the creative director of Off-White and men’s collections Louis Vuitton Virgie Ablo stated that the most interesting and promising trend of 2020, according to his opinion is vintage.

“ It’s a great way to express yourself, demonstrate your style. So many cool clothes you can buy in vintage stores.”

In fact, in 2020, in can return delicate and romantic dresses, street fashion a little goes back.

Let’s take a look at the world podium, and at the end we’ll pick up budget options that won’t hit the pocket much in such a time of crisis.

White cotton lace or weightless tulle with hints of traditional outfits will give any woman playfulness and flirtatiousness.

Alexander McQueen spring-summer 2020

It is also worth resurrecting such an item as light chiffon dresses flowing and aerial. In a small flower or with large “strange” prints, this sure had your grandmother!

Christian Dior spring-summer 2020

In the Russian market the modern Moscow brand “I AM Studio” developed by the designer Dasha Samkovic, presented stunning feminine dresses for 2020.

The style of the 70s has found reflection in Edie Slimane’s Celine collections.

Of course, finding in your wardrobe a similar dress left over from your grandmother, mom, or something in a vintage shop would be a huge luck. But, if it’s psychologically hard for you to wear clothes that belonged to someone before you, contact the mass market. Let’s say, such novelties from h and m will cost 4000 – 5000 thousand rubles.

Pros of such models!

  • will sit well on any figure…
  • with the help of the belt it is easy to emphasize the thin waist.
  • will hide the flaws.
  • will be comfortable in hot weather.
  • is

  • suitable for every occasion: with sneakers, boots, boots for every day. With elegant shoes on a date and to a restaurant.

The main thing to remember is beauty inside=beauty outside. No dress dyes like kindness, love and happiness!

Be light, feminine and blossom this summer!

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