How to dress stylish full girls and women

First of all girls with curvy shapes should learn how to pick up skirts correctly. Owners of chic shapes are best to avoid too short models made of light translucent fabrics. Typically, thin air fabric visually adds volume and presents an already lush figure far from the most winning light. The ideal option is a plissé skirt or pencil skirt just below the knee.

Too tight clothes for full women carry many dangers. However, if you have very beautiful smooth curves, this option is quite acceptable. To hide the treacherous belly protruding, use the classic bass belt, which is now at the peak of fashion.

When choosing tights, pay special attention to their color. To slightly lengthen short legs, tights are recommended to be selected in tone to the shoes. In the case of boots, it is preferable to opt for longer models, as in short boots or boots, full legs may seem even thicker and shorter.

Fashionable clothes for full girls don’t have to be dark colored. In some cases bright cheerful colors perfectly reduce the shortcomings and allow virtuoso to form the desired proportions. When choosing your ideal color, be sure to consider the overall type of your appearance. If the shade is not selected correctly, the entire image may turn out to be too defiant.

To hide too full legs, choose long models of dresses and skirts, slightly flared to the bottom. To distract attention from the unnicely protruding belly, wear mottled clothes of unbright colors. Visually hide large dimensions will help chinos pants wide cut. When choosing trousers, pay special attention to their length. Full women of low growth are better to avoid shortened models. For visual increase of growth, shoes are best chosen on the heel and tone to the trousers.

Very often women of the beautiful floor will fill not the style and not the color, but the texture of the fabric itself. Atlas, velvet, corduroy and some other materials with a pronounced relief surface give excessive volume even to those forms that are deprived of it. For beauties with lush charms, the best solution is clothing made of a sufficiently dense but perfectly smooth fabric. Flat smooth surfaces delicately envelope luxurious parameters, but they do not focus on them too much.

Optical illusions can be used to create a slimmer and elongated silhouette for women with a non-standard figure. Properly selected geometric prints on a dress or skirt can visually adjust large dimensions and add more elegance and elegance to the whole image.

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