How to do a Greek band


To make a Greek armband in the form of a trendy thin leather ribbon, you’ll need a strap or collar for small ones dogs, or just a piece of skin and a buckle. Also, prepare gum and thread. It’s better if they’re in a strap tone.


Take a centimeter and measure, the distance from ear to ear through the forehead. It is this length that the leather part of the dressing should be. Cut the desired piece of strap or collar, adding an inch on each side. Put on a striped buckle. After that, come gum. The length of it should be half the length of the strap, then the bandage will hold tight.


To make a Greek dressing out of a silk headscarf, you’ll need a tighter gum as well as a piece of cotton fabric. First fold the handkerchief so that it turns out a ribbon. Sketch her in a few places. Then on the back of the ribbon, which will be placed on the forehead, come a piece of cotton fabric. This is done to keep the bandage from creeping. On the ribbon you can hang a flat decoration – a buckle or a light brooch, then the accessory will be more original. Then sew tight gum. The ends of the headscarf can be cut off or left long. Then they can be tied in a beautiful bow.


Beautiful Greek armband is obtained from a wide chain. It can be worn on your hair as a diadem. To make an accessory, you need a wide (at least 1 centimeter wide) chain as well as a tight gum. Chain length – not less than 30 centimeters. If it’s shorter, the tips of the gum will become visible, it’s not pretty. The chain is sewn to the gum with thick threads. Chain links can rub fasteners, so the denser the thread is, the better.

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