How to combine anthracite in cloth

About color

Anthracite color is in the middle between deep black and muted gray. Thus, he kind of combines two of these shades, bringing his unusual note into them. Often anthracite is distinguished by a steel cast or a softer, pinkish hue. Sometimes the color anthracite is called griffle because of the similarity to the rod of a simple pencil.

With what to combine

If you turn to history, you can see that before things color anthracite, as well as black clothes, were worn in case of mourning, for investiture receptions, official evenings and meetings.$ As a result, clothing in question came to be considered a sign of high status and good refined taste.

Meanwhile, not every person will go a similar shade. However, having stopped on it your choice, you should correctly pick up accessories and other items of wardrobe. It is better to prefer white metals and stones: diamond earrings or necklaces, chain or bracelet in white gold, steel cufflinks.

Now there are no restrictions on anthracite-coloured clothing. It can be worn to work, date, walk. To create a classic business image, you can combine anthracite clothing with black, white, gray and brown things. For example, an anthracite jacket with a black skirt or trousers will look fine and stylish, as well as an anthracite skirt with a grey blouse.

Don’t wear anthracite colored things with yellow or orange clothes.

This concise color is able to shade and slightly muffle bright shades. So boldly wear blue, pink, pale yellow or mint items with anthracite wardrobe items.

Spectacular, but at the same time quite calm and at ease will look dark clothes, for example: bordeaux, dark green and dark purple, combined with anthracite. It is important to use bright accessories so that the image does not look too gloomy.

Excess anthracite color is able to create an unnerving image, sparking despondency and longing.

Anthracite clothing looks beautiful and gentle with mauve, delicate pink, grey-pink and grey-lilac shades, thanks to the pinkish hue of the anthracite color. So, a pink scarf and ballet flats with an anthracite dress will give the image chic and uniqueness, and a gray-pink blouse with a strict anthracite suit will dilute and slightly refresh the business strict style.

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