How to choose an outfit for New Years Eve 2015

2015 will be the year of the Goat, or as else they say, the Sheep. The main element of the coming year will be wood, and the main color is Blue. So the year of the Blue Wooden Goat awaits us. It is

worth remembering that Goat is a modest animal, and overly frank outfits will not taste to her taste. So you need to consider that the outfit should be beautiful, emphasize the merits, but not be vulgar. The choice of fashionista can fall not only on a chic dress, but also on an outfit more modest. The most important rule of this New Year’s Eve is sophistication. Therefore, the whole image should be picked up with taste, even if it will look just.

Shiny fabrics on New Year’s Eve 2015 are worth avoiding, such as silk and satin. The material of the outfit should be soft and pleasant to the touch, like the wool of an animal symbolizing the year. The ideal option will be cashmere, suede, velvet or thin wool. The numerous sequins, rhinestones and various sequins should also be avoided.

Given that the color of the year is Blue, then the chosen outfit must be of the appropriate color. So will all his shades. It will be appropriate and green in any manifestation, as well as purple. But you can stop your choice on more delicate shades – beige, dairy, peach, etc.

Any outfit is well emphasized by accessories. Here will be appropriate and elegant jewelry, precious stones and natural stones. Preference is better to give aquamarine and emerald.

Most importantly, you should add a good festive mood to a beautiful and elegant outfit. Then not only the New Year’s Eve will be great, but all year!

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