How to change denies

You will need
  • – scissors;
  • – bleach with chlorine;
  • – pan;
  • – zipper;
  • – sewing machine;
  • – rivets;
  • – rhinestones, appliqués, sequins, beads;
  • – grater;
  • – razor.

Jeans, which have lost shape and extended at the knees, are best redone in shorts. To do this, simply trim your pants to the desired length. The edges of the shorts can be built up on the typewriter, and you can leave them untreated. To achieve a trendy edge, yank a few threads along the cut.


Change the color of your old navy blue or black jeans. Make trendy jam jeans. Twist the trousers, tie the knots on them in arbitrary places, so that the color changes unevenly. Take a large saucepan, fill it with water, add any bleach containing chlorine. Put your jeans in boiling water and cook for 15-20 minutes. After this procedure, the pants should be rinsed in cold water to remove the residue of chlorine.


Decorate your skinny jeans with trendy slits with zip fasteners. Cut your pants into 10-15cm front, back or side. At the top, make a horizontal incision equal to the width of the zipper. Rotate inside the fabric on the sides of the cut. Pins fix the zipper and gently attach it on the typewriter.


Classic jeans can be turned into an ultra-fashionable thing if you put rivets or trend spikes on them. In this way you can decorate pockets or side seams. Rivets with sharp cogs on the back side pierce the fabric and clip the cogs on the wear side. Rivets with latch are clamped with special tongs.


Needlings can try to decorate jeans with embroidery iron or cross. Use bright flap patches or finished fabric appliqués to create original boho trousers. Jeans adorned with sequins, rhinestones or beaded embroidery turn into a bright, glamorous thing.


Create trendy scuffs and holes on old jeans. Stylish scuffs can be done if you rub the hips with a grater with jagged holes. Make parallel holes a razor. The edges of the cuts are covered using a grater.

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