How to be always classy


Consider your physique when choosing clothes. Even the most fashionable, high quality and beautiful things will not decorate you if in them your flaws are caught in the eye. A truly stylish woman chooses those dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses that discreetly emphasize the virtues of her figure. For example, girls with disproportionately large hips should be given a dark bottom and a light, bright top, and full women are discouraged from wearing clothes made of very dense fabrics.


Define your colorotype. You can do this with special tables from various websites and from magazines dedicated to fashion. Knowing your color type will help you choose the right color of your clothes. For example, if you’re a winter woman, pastel tones will suit you.


Find your style. When choosing clothes, shoes and accessories, consider where you can go in such an outfit. It happens that the girl has a lot of dress, evening dresses, and the office has nothing to wear. Your wardrobe should consist predominantly of casual clothes if you rarely go out in the light. Clothes should be not only fashionable and fashionable, but also comfortable. Before buying, consider also whether the thing suits you in terms of age and lifestyle.


Make sets of clothes. Your wardrobe cannot consist of similar things of the same color. However, to each skirt or trousers, there must be several options of the top. During a shopping trip, please with what you will wear this or that thing. Updating your wardrobe for the upcoming season, buy clothes immediately with kits. If you find it difficult to immediately understand what you need to wear with, pay attention to how the clothes hang in the store. It happens that brand stylists make good kits in advance and hang the right things together. Here and take advantage of their clue.


Be interesting. Don’t dwell on the same color scheme. Find interesting combinations. Don’t be afraid of unexpected but successful mixings of various wardrobe items. Show fantasy.


Don’t underestimate the role of accessories. Bags, scarves, jewelry, glasses, belts perfectly complete the image of a stylish woman. Without decorations, your outfit may seem empty. Remember that accessories should harmonize with clothing and footwear by style, or color. Although sometimes with the help of contrasting accents it is possible to successfully diversify the ensemble. The main thing is not overloading the image. Bright decorations will suit tranquil in cut and color, and ultra-fashionable, bright wardrobe items with an abundance of different details should be worn with a minimum of quite modest accessories.

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