How to always look slender

Determine the shape type To begin with 

 , you need to define your shape type to pick up the right wardrobe. There are only 5 main types of figures:

  1. Hourglass;

  2. Rectangle;

  3. Triangle (Pear);

  4. Oval (Circle, Apple);

  5. Inverted triangle.

If you are having problems visually determining the shape type, use three measurements, which will include:

  • chest volume (by the most protruding point);
  • waist volume (at the narrowest part);
  • thighs volume (at the widest part).

Hourglass Owners

of this type of figure waist much smaller than chest and thighs. The main rule to adhere to is to emphasize all body bends, particularly the waist.

Girls who have this type of figure will suit all dresses with a fitted silhouette or a belt at the waist, but in no case above and not below it. Suitable for jeans and trousers with high fit, which accentuate the waist. It is also worth buying several straps, a waist bag and using them when wearing dresses. So the image will look more interesting and winnable.

It is absolutely not suitable for oversize, baggy clothes, as it will immediately hide all the merits. Also do not fit coats and straight-cut blazers, jeans and pants with low fit.


Girls possessing this type of figure most often look sporty and pulled up. The waist does not stand out compared to the hips and breasts. The main rule when choosing clothes will be visual augmentation of breasts and thighs, and it is necessary to emphasize slender legs.

For this type of figure suitable jeans, trousers with low and medium fit, flared skirts, for example, trapezoid skirt, strappy dresses, with smell and belt.

It is worth giving up clothing straight cut, oversize, pencil skirts. It’s also worth neglecting clothes with assemblies in the waist area because they’ll make you even bigger.


If you have beautiful shoulders, arms, thin waist and mouth-watering thighs, you are the owner of this type of figure, like a triangle. The main task when choosing clothes is to balance the upper and lower parts of the body.

Owners of this type of figure should wear a light top and a dark bottom. You can also emphasize the waist and shoulders, for example, with neckline, tops without straps or decor in the upper body. Comfortable skirts, length below the knee, as well as dark trousers and straight cut jeans. If we talk about outerwear, the best look is a trapezoid coat, which extends to the bottom and blazers with overhead shoulders.

It is worth neglecting to buy baggy items, long straight cut coats, tops and blouses with cut-out under the throat, curvy skirts, trousers and jeans with elements of decor in the thigh area, as it will make them even wider.


Girls, who possess this type of figure, recover most in the abdomen and chest, but have slender legs. With this type of figure it is worth emphasizing the legs and visually pulling the silhouette.

For this, the most suitable dresses A-silhouette, i.e. slightly flared to the bottom. Shirt dresses can also be worn. Blouses with bare shoulders and skirts with inflated waist will look great. The basic thing in the wardrobe will be straight classic trousers. Girls with this type of figure will suit V-neck on dresses, blouses, etc.

Not suitable too tight clothes, as it will show all the flaws of the figure, and baggy visually add extra kilograms. Clothing with bright print, and decorative elements in the area of shoulders, chest and abdomen will add completely unnecessary volume. Tight pants and skirts are not worth wearing either. It is also not advisable to buy T-shirts, blouses, turtlenecks with a semicircular neckline.

The inverted triangle

holders of this type of figure have broad shoulders, not strongly pronounced waist and narrow thighs. To visually look slimmer, you need to hide the width of the shoulders and visually increase the hips.

Lush skirts will look great on this type of figure. Jeans and pants that expand from the hip will look laconic. Also fit dresses and blouses with smell.

Do not purchase such clothes that will visually enhance you even more in the upper body, for example, blazers with extra inserts under the shoulders and things that have shoulder straps (style militaries), curvy sleeves and flashlights, and tops and T-shirts with horizontal lines.

Each type of figure is individual and beautiful in its own way. And if you choose clothes correctly, combine images, then many girls will be able to show the virtues and hide the flaws of their body.

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