How to adjust the shortcomings of the figures with clothing

In the arsenal of modern stylists there are many techniques to visually improve almost any problem part of the body. So, for example, too wide shoulders can be narrowed slightly if you select dresses and blouses with a V-neck.

To balance the broad hips, one should abandon baggy outerwear and bright massive straps. Women with curvaceous shapes are better not to dress from toe to head in solid color garments of light pastel shades. Typically, light pastel tones visually increase volumes, which only enhances the impression of overall fullness.

However, this does not mean that ladies with mouth-watering shapes need to get wrapped up only in all black and sombre. Light pastel shades can be worn, but it is necessary to do so very carefully, correctly selecting the colors, texture of the fabric and style of the product.

As a rule, full women of average height do well:

  • dresses, blouses, tunics with smell;
  • dress shirts with a drawstring under the chest;
  • loose dresses in the style of boho;
  • pretty much any things with a vertical stripe.


or bright neckerchief, scarves, spectacular brooches will also be very btw.

Ladies with extra weight stylists recommend to model the figure using the illusion of contrasts. Light dresses with darker inserts on the sides perfectly draw the waist and help visually create more harmonious and interesting silhouettes.

Full legs can be visually made a little slimmer if you learn to properly pick your trousers. When picking up trousers, first of all pay attention to their style. Ladies of low stature are best to avoid shortened and overly broad models, as they significantly impair body proportions.

Classic straight models with arrows or slightly narrowed to the bottom can be a good option. The neck of the perfect trousers for full women should be semi-adjacent, and the fit is strictly along the waist line. Women of small stature are strongly contraindicated with a fit below average, as such models almost always noticeably shorten the legs and distort the overall proportions of the body.

Pants with protective waists are preferable to wear only women with narrow thighs from nature. Such models add the necessary volume to the lower body, while delicately concealing excess weight in the abdomen area and masterly emphasize the waist even in the absence of it.

Classic trousers perfectly balance the figure with wide massive shoulders and narrow thighs. The smooth divergence of the pants from the knee or thigh not only visually lengthen the legs, but also through the high fit helps to create a beautiful relief of the flat buttocks.

To hide the flaws of the figure, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the shape, but also to the texture of the fabric. Clothing for full women should be sewn from denser matte materials without pronounced texture. On the contrary, thin and tighter fabrics with gloss effect can be advised.

Dresses for full women should be sewn strictly by figure. They should by no means be shapeless or baggy. The ideal model should not tighten, but gently envelope the body. The properly chosen dress well conceals many of the shortcomings of the figure, but it does not limit or constrain movements.

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