How from a t-shirt to make a dress


For a dress you will need a long white T-shirt – loose cut or fitted, as well as a contrasting tulle or fabric in fine mesh. Tulle and fabric need a lot – about ten meters. But the stretches can be narrow – out of them you’ll produce a curvy skirt that’s incredibly relevant in the coming season.


Cut off a small piece of tulle or fabric – you’ll need it to decorate a T-shirt. Then divide the material into bands about twenty centimeters wide. The longer they will be – the more lush the skirt will get. To make a mini, you’ll need five – six strips.


Collect bands of “harmonica”. To do this, draw the material on one side and sweep away with a simple stitch. The length of the resulting ruffle should be little more than the volume of the T-shirt from the bottom. Build the “harmonica” on the typewriter. Remove the first “live” thread. Make a few strips that way.


Sketch the strips between you. If you’re afraid that tulle will enlighten – make a lining out of white fabric and come ruffles on it.


Combine the skirt and T-shirt so that the lining or top edge of the skirt is under the T-shirt. Grow the connection place on the typewriter.


Take the little piece that is left of the fabric, and tie it in the form of a bow. Sit it on the chest, the sleeve, the side at the waist. You can also decorate the top of the dress with multicolored buttons, chains, beads. Before sewing accessories, spread them on a T-shirt. So you can choose the most beautiful decor option.

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